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Ofuro no naka de keanazenkai

30 sheets

About Products

place it on your face when you're in bathtub. Face becomes hot and sweat comes out damply. Shince blood circulation is improved, it also removes dullness and swelling.

How to Use

  • 1.When taking a bath, place it on a face. (Press firmly by hand. It sticks with sebum on the face.)
  • 2.Please take a bath as usual, for a while become sweaty gradually.
  • 3.When the sheet becomes slimy with sweat, it's time to stop. (For about 10 minutes)
  • 4.Please remove the sheet and flush sweat well with any facial wash you have.
  • 5.Since pores are open, cream pack is really effective.

Other Usage

If you put this on a lotion soaked sheet mask or cream pack in layers, avoid evaporation of ingredient and help absorption

Other Usage

It's not easy to stick SaranWrap on a face, and it might be suffocative. It's difficult to continue it every day.
We used thin 0.02mm polyethylene sheet, perforated in the shape of eyes and mouth, so that you can use it immediately anytime you want. It is also large enough to wrap around chin.
Its material is so simple that you can device variously.
Besides a usual usage, we recommend a person with very dry skin to use this sheet after applying moisturizing pack or cream.


  • I tried “Ofuro no naka de keanazenkai”!!
    I was simply glad that I could be sweaty because I am a poor metabolizer. When I kept using this several days I found my skin smoothened and might have got rid of skin dullness. I think it is good to wash face after pores open by using “Ofuro no naka de keanazenkai.”

    --S.N Tokyo

  • I feel finally I found this, because I have been looking for such in the bath use sheet for perspiration. Soon after I applied this sheet, lots of sweat comes out and then moisturized texture comes along. Now I'm really enjoying bath time, anyway, thanks a lot!!!

    --Y.M Saitama

Precautione For Use

This sheet is disposable. Because of the sanitary reasons, do not reuse a sheet.
Do not use for children.
Do not use for troubled skin.
If this product doesn't agree with your skin, stop using it.
Before putting it over face, management of the airway is requisite.
Keep out of the reach of infants and children.