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【Gel】Polymer, PG,
Polyethylene, Polyester


Applying with water, it makes you more comfortable gradually but deeply.

For tired eyes and dark puffy circles under eyes
Cares tired eyes by promoting blood circulation around the eye area and soak away tension.
Aiso effective to dark puffy circles under eyes.
Feel extremely refreshed after use.

For stiff shoulders and nape
By stesming blood circulation is promoted and improvers blood flow in areas of stasis around neck.

To relax
Add a drop of aromatic oil when moisten the cover.
It’s the healing touch for mind and body

About products

Cares tired eyes.
Feel extremely refreshed after use.
Improves blood flow in areas of stasis around neck!
Can be used in both hot and cool.

Just moisten the cover and microwave 30 seconds until it is hot!!
Steam relaxes the nervous strain and make your blood flow more smoothly.
Relieve fatigue and enables you to have a feeling of relaxation. Have a quick but extra pleasantness.

It is suitable for the person who worries about computer-caused eyestrain. Improves the blood flow around eyes, and soak away tension. Feel extremely refreshed after use.

Stiff shoulders and neck sometimes happens by staying in one position for a long time. To warm yourself with Steam eye pillow on your shoulders improves blood flow in areas of stasis.

The healing touch which permeates body.
Feel quite relaxed. Close your eyes and block stimuli makes you relaxed beyond expectation.

Other Usage

a drop of aromatic oil makes you more relaxed.

  • A few drops of aromatic oil to a basin of water
  • Soak the eye pillow cover in the basin and wring tightly.
  • Microwave it as per usual.

・Lavender / relaxing・Rosemary / concentrating・Marjoram / calming・Eucalyptus / refreshing

How to Use


Although it doesn't seem to be hot enough on surface, the inside might be quite hot. Please do not heat more than 30 seconds.
Please make sure to soak the cover in the water and wring tightly.

  • Soak the cover in the water and wring tightly.

  • Put gel pack in the cover.

  • Heat it in a 500-600-watt microwave oven for 30 seconds on the microwave-safe plate.

  • Place it on the eyes and relax. Be careful not to burn yourself


Do not heat more than 30 seconds. Do not heat in more than a 700-watt microwave oven. Depending on oven, it may be hard to be heated in 30 seconds. Please carry out extended heating for 15 seconds throughout the process. Please cool it slightly or insert a towel between the eye pillow and body when it is too hot.

  • Soak the cover in the water and wring tightly.

  • Put the gel pack in the cover.

  • Put the eye pillow in the plastic bag and chill in the refrigerator.

  • Place it on the eyes. Feels cool and be refreshed!


PC is used more often and the shoulder stiffness and eyestrain becomes severe recently. The merit of this product is that it has the damp lasting effect of warmth, not the temporary dry warmth, by wetting the cover with water at first. Moreover since the warmth lasts for 15 minutes, you can feel refreshed after use.


  • -It was so good.
    -Although other product by other company so far was easily got cool and never lasted, this product really refreshed my eyes by wetting the cover.

    --H.K Shibuya, Tokyo

  • -Because they had written that it's not only for eyes but also for neck, I used it immediately and I found that it was really effective.
    -That reminded me of a hot towel treatment at the beauty parlor which was pleasant to me.

    --N.T Sumida, Tokyo

  • -My dark circles began to fade to the extent it doesn't bother me.
    -It was comfortable because the warmth last long.
    -I used to use only towel till now so that the warmth was temporary.

    --M.F Muroran,Hokkaido

  • -By heating only for a second in the microwave, warmth continues for a long time than I have expected. I'm using this not only for eyes but for shoulders and lower back, while stretching out. I want to use this in cool for my legs in summer.

    --Y.F Akashi, Hyogo

  • -Can be relaxed with aromatic water.
    -The point is this product has terry cover while others' gel are just coated with plastic.
    -Not so expensive.
    -Appropriate weight.

    --N.F Chiba, Chiba

  • -Can be used in both hot and cool.

    --M.M Takatsuki, Osaka

  • -Gel pack inside keeps the warmth for a good bit.
    -Because it was warm and really comfortable, I fell asleep while I was using it. zzz.

    --A.T Chigasaki, Kanagawa

  • -Gentle warmth makes me feel good.
    -I like this, since it is terry, I can use aromatherapy for relaxation according to the mood of the moment.

    --N.S Nagareyama, Chiba

  • -I like this because warmth lasts long and it has the cover.

    --H.O Suginami,Tokyo

  • -I use this product before I go to bed at night. Because I'm leading a sedentary life, my eyes get tired easily.
    -Can be used in both hot and cool is convenient.
    - That's a good point to be able to soak in the water with aromatic oil.

    --K.T Yokohama, Kanagawa

  • -Easy-to-use.
    -Keeps the temperature constant for a long time.

    --K.F Takatsuki, Osaka

  • -It's simple and convenient.
    -Warmth lasts longer than expected
    -Can be relaxed greatly.

    --H.A Okushiri, Hokkaido