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    ABS Plastic,Steel(SUS302)

  • 【Strong】

    ABS Plastic,Steel(SUS302)

  • 【Super strong】


*The strength of a spring becomes stronger and stronger in order of Regular—Strong—Super Strong.
*For the first time, we recommend Regular for ladies.

The hot-selling product exceeding a total of 1,400,000

Train mimic muscles which decline easily and keep
youthfulness as long as you like

Appeals to the muscle around the mouth that began to sag, by extending and shortening this mouthpiece, and support to become firm mouth and a tightened face contour.

How to Use

  • 1.Put the larger ones of U shape of the both ends of a mouthpiece inside, while the smaller ones outside of mouth across lips. Just like pronounce “e.”
  • 2.Concentrate on the muscle on the side of the lips and slowly shorten mouthpiece horizontally without knocking against teeth. Just like pronounces “u.” Be careful not to project mouth.
    Repeat this movement. About 3 minutes will be standard for one day. If you get tired, please finish on that day.

Mainly works on the muscles of the surroundings of a mouth and cheek.

Since this instrument is muscular training goods same as dumbbell movement etc., and continuing little by little every day will be efficient.

Each parts can be taken apart and washed.

Please pull strongly the cap, which is right in the center, to the direction of an arrow. (It has fastened strongly at first. When it is hard to shift by hand, please wrap with cloth etc. and try again.)


The facial contour which surely loses its resilience with age under the influence of gravity. Sagged mouth.

By strengthen the muscles which began to loosen, support to get rid of the facial sag as much as possible.
We really appreciate that the product is popular regardless of age and sex.
The other day, I saw Miss Universe was asked on TV, “How do you keep your beauty?” --- Then she answered, “I use mouthpiece.”
I was moved and felt very honorable.

“My mouth began sagging recently…” if you feel like this, please try it.

See the Magazine introduction


I bought it in January and I’d been using 5 minutes a day for a while. One morning when I was washing my face, I realized that my face line became tightened. I was truly moved.
When I met my friend for the first time in three months in spring vacation, she asked me, "Did you get slender?" I felt I was super lucky. I’m still using it once in 2 days.

--M.Y Hyogo


There are several orders from Orthodontic doctors.
Since the mouthpiece can train muscles on either side equally,
it’s effective to improve distortion of the face and bad bite.
So that doctors advise their patients to use this mouthpiece at home It might be suitable for a person who worries about distortion of the face.