Hair Accessories

Odango Hair Base

Nylon, Polyurethane
Big & Small

How to Use

  • 1.Using a band for hair, make a ponytail where you want to create a bun. Pull the ponytail through the Odango Bun Ring (Bun Up Hair Pad).
    *The Odango Bun Ring (Bun Up Hair Pad) will be completely covered if the length of the ponytail is at least 5.9”.
  • 2.Wrap your hair evenly around the Odango Bun Ring (Bun Up Hair Pad) while letting the hair adhere to the self-gripping surface of the ring (Bun Up Hair Pad), and hide the ring (Bun Up Hair Pad) with the hair. Push the extra hair ends under the bottom of the Odango Bun Ring (Bun Up Hair Pad) . That way, you can put your hair together easily. When hairpins or similar accessories are used, place them on the non-gripping surface of the Odango Bun Ring (Bun Up Hair Pad) .
  • 3.Check the overall balance of your hairstyle, and adjust the shape of the bun.

Precautions : (Read before use.)

  • ・Please note that the Odango Bun Ring may not come off easily if:
    *The self-gripping surface of the Odango Bun Ring is gripping teased hair.
    *The Odango Bun Ring is used for a hairstyle created with hairspray.
    *The Odango Bun Ring is used on damaged hair, fine hair orcurly permed hair.
  • ・Do not use the product for other than the intended purposes.
  • ・After using the product, remove any moisture and dust. Keep the product clean. To clean, rinse the Odango Bun Ring with lukewarm water and dry it thoroughly.
  • ・Do not keep the Odango Bun Ring on while you sleep.
  • ・Do not heat the product with a hair dryer or pour hot water over it.
  • ・Do not subject the product to heavy impact, move it close to an open flame, or use it near a sharp object.
  • ・Do not use the Odango Bun Ring near a fire source or a stovetop.
  • ・When broken, discontinue use.
  • ・Do not use the product around the eyes or mucous membranes in the eye areas.
  • ・Do not use the Odango Bun Ring if you have a skin breakout, open wound or other skin problem.
  • ・If you notice any problem in your skin, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
  • ・When not in use, keep the product out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight.